At RixPix the focus is on the occasion, the couple and the people closest to them – bridal party, parents, children, etc., by observing and documenting the event as naturally as achievable. Creating un-natural, posed, postured images is not what we do. For that, we suggest you use a specialist portrait provider.

It is not possible to shoot everyone at the occasion without it becoming a snap-shot collection of guests, and the guests themselves are capable of doing that. Shooting hundreds of pictures of guests is not a concern and will only distract from images that are important.

If the size of the wedding is important, then scene shots incorporating this detail will be included, as well as any special shots requested … parents, special relatives, etc. Static group shots or other interactive group shots will be proposed.

If the wedding is small, or maybe an elopement, or maybe a private renewal of vows, then a more intimate style will be chosen. This does not take away any detail or approach due to size but will involve you in more of the decisive moments. These moments, more often than not, turn out to be a lot of fun.

We have covered events from different cultures, different countries, different languages and very differing age groups, but the focus is always the same. Observe and document the event as naturally as achievable.

We are located at Melbourne's Bay Side, within scores of the most scenic, picturesque and beautiful locations in the Australian tropics, allowing the incorporation of these environments into your images. You may be asked to temporarily re-adjust your position or stance due to lighting or weather extremes … that happens ... however these requests will not be intrusive or sidetrack your occasion.

Our location does not restrict our service, having recently shot weddings in Melbourne, Hamilton Island, Sydney and other distant locations.

If you do have a special request then please ask. We’ve been waste deep in the Coral Sea, climbed cliffs and beaches, crawled over and under things, hiked thru rainforests, crossed streams, dangled from boats, helicopters and cars. Been drenched in Tropical downpours, fried in the Tropical sun and blown around by the odd cyclone. And it was all worth it.

The most essential issue to keep in mind is this. If you are having fun, then we are having fun. That is what is important.

Feel free to look around, link to us, download pics (not commercial usage – lo res), recommend and tell your friends.

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